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Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Los Angeles in Spanish means "The Angels".  This is one reason the city is known as "The City of Angels", but also because it's the city where "Dreams Come True".
It is the 2nd largest city in the U.S. and one of the largest economies in the world.
The population is made up of numerous Ethnic Groups, with distinct International Neighborhoods.It is the Entertainment Capital of the U.S. and there are over 300 museums to visit around the city.

Los Angeles is also home to major sports, like Baseball and Basketball, as well as some of the world's most famous theme parks:  Disneyland and Universal Studios.
There are miles and miles of beaches and all this in a perfect weather, which allows you to enjoy all these activities, at any time of the year.

And, of course, it offers something no other city can offer:  The Movie Industry and the largest Movie Studios in the world.

So, come visit Los Angeles and find out why it really is "The City of Angels".

Los Angeles

Hollywood is the Home of the Movie Industry and probably one of the most recognized names around the world.  It is one of the most interesting places to visit, with numerous attractions, museums, restaurants, clubs, etc.

Hollywood is full of Concert Venues.  One of them is the famous Hollywood Bowl, the first place the Beatles played at in the U.S.

Along the Hollywood Blvd, - Walk of Fame, you can see Stars on the sidewalk, with the names of your favorite celebrities.  Visit the Kodak Theatre where the Annual Academy Award Ceremony is hosted.  And don't be surprised if you see your favorite movie star at a cafe or walking down the street.There is so much movie history in Hollywood, you can spend days visiting all the interesting sites.

Hollywood is a must visit destination, while you are in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles

Also referred to as "The Magic Kingdom" it is the Place where "Dreams Come True", for kids as well as for adults. Named after its founder, Disneyland was created by Walt Disney, in 1955.  This is the first Disneyland in the world and now there are other parks in Florida, Tokyo and France. There probably isn't a child in the world who doesn't know at least one the famous characters that Disneyland has brought to us:  Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Woody and Buzz Lightyear and hundreds of others.

Whether you like thrilling rides or magical fantasies, Disneyland is a fun and magic place, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

So, come visit Disneyland and become a kid once again...

Universal Studios
Los Angeles

Universal Studios is one of the most popular attractions in Los Angeles.  It is the Largest Movie Studio in the world and the place where Movie Magic is made.

Universal Studios is part of Universal City, which is a city all its own

Take a Tram Tour of the Studios and see where movies are made.  Go on the Jurassic Park Adventure, Feel the Power of Terminator II, Travel through the Stars with Back to the Future or be caught in an Earthquake inside a Subway Station and meet face to face with King Kong.

After the park, visit City Walk, an area located right next to Universal Studios, where the locals come to party.  Here, you will find shops with all kinds of unique souvenirs, there are many restaurants, music clubs and movie theatres.  You will also find the Largest Hard Rock Cafe in the U.S.

The whole Universal Studios / City Walk Entertainment area is a part of Los Angeles which you don't want to miss.

Santa Monica
Los Angeles

Santa Monica is a Coastal Resort City, situated along on the Pacific Coast in West Los Angeles.

The city was renovated in the 1980s and has become one of the main destinations for visitors to Los Angeles.

One of the city's attractions is the Santa Monica Pier, where there are Carnival Rides, Restaurants, etc.

The main attraction in Santa Monica is the 3rd Street Promenade, a pedestrian street, closed to car traffic.

Here you can walk along a watch people playing music on the street, doing magic tricks, showing their paintings and art, or performing dances from all over the world.  The street is lined with Boutiques, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Movie Theatres, etc.

Spend a day at the beach, rent a bicycle and ride down the long sidewalk that runs along the Pacific Ocean.  Then go have a drink or dinner at the 3rd Street Promenade.

You will have a wonderful experience and a day you will always remember...

Venice Beach
Los Angeles

Venice Beach is one of Los Angeles most colorful areas.  During the 60s it was the epicenter of the Hippie Culture and it hasn't changed much with time. 

It is named after the city in Italy, because when it was developed, it was inspired by Venice, with gondolas floating along miles of inland canals and palaces along the waterways.  The canals are almost all gone now, but the Renaissance Spirit still continue along the Ocean Front Boardwalk.

Here, you will find Palm Readers, Tattoo Artists, Painters, Break Dancers, People Performing Dare Devil Shows, Musicians, etc.

You can hear the sound of Reggae Music everywhere and you can shop for all kinds of things, like clothing, incense, bag packs, arts and crafts, souvenirs, etc.

In Venice Beach you will find the Famous "Muscle Beach" an outdoor Gym on the beach, where people come to show off the bodies.

No visit to Los Angeles would be complete without visiting Venice Beach...

Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive
Los Angeles

Situated just West of Hollywood, Beverly Hills is the home of many Famous Celebrities and Rich People.

As soon as you enter Beverly Hills from Hollywood, the streets become green, full of parks and gardens and lined with Multi-Million dollar Mansions.

You can take a tour of the star homes and see the luxurious homes your favorite stars live in, or just admire these exclusive homes.

Beverly Hills also has several famous hotels, like the Beverly Hills Hotel, where many movies have been filmed.

In the center of the area, you will find the Famous Rodeo Drive, one of the most exclusive shopping areas of Los Angeles. At the end of Rodeo Drive, you will see the Famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where the movie Pretty Woman was filmed.

So, bring your camera and you credit cards and enjoy a visit to this beautiful part of Los Angeles...

San Francisco
Los Angeles

One of the most beautiful cities in the U.S.A. and maybe the world.  It is a popular International tourist destination, renowned for its Steep Rolling Hills, its Mix of Victorian and Modern Architecture and its Famous Landmarks, like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, The Cable Cars, Chinatown, etc.  The City has a diverse Cosmopolitan Population, which includes the largest Chinese Population outside of China.

It is a City full of Art, Music and Culture and you can see this just walking down the street, when you watch the Street Performers that show their talents, throughout the whole city.  Or Visit The Presidio Park and enjoy the numerous World Class Museums.

San Francisco is the 4th largest city in California in population, but it is actually a small city that is very easy to visit and walk around.  The Famous Cable Cars and Trolleys offer an easy and inexpensive way to view the city and get from one place to the other.

San Francisco has many other sights, like Fisherman’s Wharf, where you can eat the San Francisco specialty “Crab” in any way you want it and watch all kinds of street performers.  You can also visit Lombard Street, “the most crooked street in the world” and of course, you have to take a ride on the Famous Cable Cars, one of the city’s most recognized Landmarks.

All in all, San Francisco is a wonderful city to visit, that will offer you memories that will last a lifetime!

Las Vegas
Los Angeles

Las Vegas started as a small gambling development in the desert and it has become the Biggest Tourism Attraction in the U.S.A.  People from all over the world come and marvel at the magic of “The City That Never Sleeps”

Las Vegas is not only for gamblers.  Walking down the famous Strip, the hotels are an attraction by themselves.  Many of them are built to look exactly like famous cities around the world, it’s like visiting several cities in the world, in one place.  The best shows in the world come to Las Vegas, offering a multiple variety of choices.  Many hotels also have Attraction Parks, with Roller-Coasters, Rides, Virtual Tours, etc.  For Nightlife, Las Vegas has some of the most exciting Clubs in the world.  And if you like to gamble, well, you are in paradise here.  If you are visiting the Southwest of the U.S.A., you have not seen it all, until you visit Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon
Los Angeles

It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world.  A place of awesome beauty and breathtaking views.

The Grand Canyon measures 278 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and 1.6 miles at its deepest point.

It is a Geological Wonder created by wind and water erosion, played out over hundreds of millions of years, that has created a landscape like nowhere else in the world, of desert at the bottom, by the Colorado River, to Pines Forests and Snow at the top.

The Grand Canyon is also the home of many Native American Tribes and numerous species of animals and it’s part of the American History, as many pioneers braved its cliffs and currents to establish themselves in the West.  Almost 5 million people per year, visit the Grand Canyon.  

So, if you have a chance, this is a place you should not miss, you will not find anything like it, anywhere else in the world!

Death Valley
Los Angeles

Death Valley is a land of extremes. In Summer, it is the Hottest, Lowest and Driest place in the U.S.A.  Temperatures in the Summer regularly reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Valley is 282 feet below sea level and there have been years where there has been no rain recorded.  All this makes it a very unique place to visit.  The rugged terrain and high mountains that surround the Valley create a surreal landscape, which is not seen anywhere else in the world.  Visit “Devil’s Golf Course” a place covered by dry salt from an ancient lake, or Badwater Basin, the lowest place in the U.S.A.  Mesmerize at the colors and rock formations in this land of Rock, Sand and Sky.  It is like nowhere else on the planet.